Gummies and hard candies are a popular treat for people of all ages. Their chewy and colorful appearance, along with their variety of flavors, makes them an irresistible snack. However, if you are in the candy or pharmaceutical industry, you know that the production process of gummies can be time-consuming without the proper equipment

Gummy production requires precise control over humidity levels to ensure quality and consistency in the final product. When you optimize humidity levels, you can increase efficiency and avoid product waste.

Here, we will share some tips on achieving the right humidity levels for your gummies, but first, let’s start by understanding how humidity can impact your production speed.


How Humidity Controls Gummy Production Speed

Humidity plays a crucial role in the production speed of gummies. During the cooking process, it is necessary to maintain a specific level of humidity to prevent gummy pieces from drying out or sticking together. Ideally, keep your humidity at 35-40% during drying time.

With the right conditions, the drying process should take 6 to 8 hours to produce a perfect product. By controlling the humidity, you can prevent unsellable products, giving you a competitive edge in a growing market.


Why Dehydrate Gummies?

Dehydrating gummies yields many benefits, particularly for manufacturers. Some of these benefits are:

  • The dehydration process removes excess moisture, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and spoilage.
  • Dehydrated gummies have an extended shelf life, making them suitable for storage and distribution.
  • Dehydration provides manufacturers with better control over product consistency.
  • It allows manufacturers to produce high-quality, uniform gummies that consistently meet customer expectations.

Temperature To Dehydrate Gummies

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Apart from humidity levels, temperature is also a crucial factor in dehydrating gummies. To monitor the drying condition of your gummies, you’ll need a temperature gauge. The ideal temperature for drying gummies should not exceed 80F. We highly recommend using a dehumidifier to control the humidity in the drying room. 


Tips on Keeping Humidity Low

Maintaining low humidity in your drying room is vital for sustaining high product quality. Here are some tips to help you streamline your production:

  1. Use a Dehumidifier: A good quality dehumidifier helps control humidity levels effectively. Always make sure it’s appropriately sized for your drying room.
  2. Monitor Humidity Levels Regularly: Accurate humidity gauges provide real-time humidity data. Monitor them frequently to maintain optimal conditions.
  3. Seal your Drying Room: Any air leaks can bring in moisture and affect the humidity control. Ensure proper infiltration control by checking for gaps and maintaining a good seal on doors to outside rooms.
  4. Separate Production and Drying Rooms: It is essential to have a separate production and drying room. This will help maintain the optimal humidity levels in your drying room.

Get Your Equipment from TG Machine 

Investing in appropriate machinery and technology helps manufacturers maintain product integrity, reduce waste, and meet consumer expectations every time.

At TGMachine, we are not just a supplier but a partner dedicated to ensuring your candy production process is efficient and successful. With our cutting-edge technology and reliable equipment, you can streamline your production process and ensure a consistent product.

Our gummy production line equipment can be customized to meet your specific requirements. From entry-level solutions, grand-scale production lines, molding, and gummy coating, we have it all. Explore our selection of high-quality commercial gummy machines and discover the best fit to enhance your production needs.

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