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Soft Candy Machines

TGMachine offers cutting-edge chewy candy machines designed to elevate your confectionery business to new heights.

Best Soft Candy Machines to Boost Your Production

When manufacturing soft candies, quality and safety are paramount. All our machines are built to meet the highest industry standards and regulations. 

We understand the critical role of reliable and precise equipment in ensuring your products’ consistency, purity, and hygiene. 

With TGMachine, you can trust that each batch of soft candies produced will meet the highest quality standards.

Commercial Soft Candy Machines and Equipment - TGMachine
toffee candy

Automatic Toffee-Making Machine

Create a wide variety of toffees with our automatic toffee-making machine. This state-of-the-art equipment is designed for high production, minimizing labor costs and maximizing efficiency. It can produce filled soft toffee, filled toffee (Yikelian), caramel, and other sweets.

chewy gum

Chewy Gum Machinery

Our advanced bubble gum-making machine produces high-quality gum with consistent texture and flavor. 

BG series machines ensure efficient and reliable gum production, which include a mixer, extruder, conveyor belt, bubble gum forming, cooling cabinet, and sugar coating machine. This configuration provides a complete set of equipment for efficient and reliable gum production.

candy bar

Multiple Candy Bar Production Line

Our candy bar production line can produce a range of soft candy bars, including milk candy, nougat, cereal bars, and more, under strict sanitary conditions. This equipment is ideal for producing high-quality products and helps save both manpower and space.

Your Trusted Source for High-Quality Soft Candy Machines

Gummy candy is available in many flavors and is manufactured in various rectangular or irregular shapes. 

TGMachine’s Gummy Candy Production Line is customizable to meet specific customer requirements. We also offer different mold types to produce various candy types.

  • Pharmaceutical Design: High hygienic standards are incorporated into the design. Waterproof design ensures cleanliness and durability.
  • Modular System: Plug-and-play design for easy installation and customization. Offers flexibility in adapting to specific requirements.
  • Extensive Solutions: Over 1256 complete solutions are available for gummy machines. The comprehensive range caters to diverse needs and preferences.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can help you streamline your candy production process.

Take Your Candy Production To The Next Level

At TGMachine, we provide the latest and most efficient candy machinery. Our machines have safety features, so you can operate the machine knowing your production process is secure.

We build our machines with pharmaceutical-grade precision, ensuring that every candy produced meets quality control and hygiene standards.


TGMachine’s manufacturing machines are constructed with durable stainless steel to ensure strength, longevity, and compliance with food sanitation standards. Our commitment to quality materials guarantees reliability and hygiene in candy production.

TGMachine’s candy manufacturing machines provide a high level of automation, featuring advanced functionalities like automatic weighing and feeding devices. This ensures precision and efficiency in the production process. Additionally, it allows for streamlined candy manufacturing with minimal manual intervention.

To purchase TGMachine’s soft candy equipment, simply contact us today to request a quote. Share your production specifications, and our experts will guide you in selecting the ideal machine for your needs. We ensure a seamless and tailored solution for your candy production endeavors.