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Welcome to TG Machine, an industry-leader gummy-making machine manufacturer! We craft cutting-edge gummy candy machines for the confectionery industry, perfect for entrepreneurs in the gummy and nutraceutical world. Explore our selection of high-quality machinery today!

Gummy Production Equipment

Explore endless possibilities with our gummy candy machines. Gummy candy comes in many flavors and is made in different rectangular or irregular shapes.

TGMachine’s Gummy Candy Production Line equipment is customizable to meet specific customer requirements. We also offer different mold types to produce various candy types.

We pride ourselves in meeting high hygienic and quality standards and offering state-of-the-art, waterproof designs. Explore our high-quality commercial gummy machines and find the best fit for your production needs. 

Gummy Star

Tailored for medium-scale gummy production. Elevate your confectionery business with precision engineering and consistent quality in every batch.

GD80Q - Gummy Making Machine - TGMachine


Gummy Production Line
GD150Q - Commercial Gummy Machine - TGMachine


Gummy production line
GD300Q - Gummy Production Equipment - TGMachine


Gummy production line

Gummy Jumbo

Engineered for large and ultra-large gummy production. Elevate your confectionery game with our cutting-edge gummy machine technology and achieve greatness on a grand scale.


Gummy production line


Gummy production line

Pilot Star

Embark on your gummy-making journey with TGMachine’s Pilot Star Line. Pilot Star is the ultimate entry-level solution for small-scale production.

Auxiliary Equipment for Gummy Making


Complement your gummy production without auxiliary equipment. From gummy molds to packaging solutions, we ensure seamless integration and efficiency throughout your manufacturing process.

TGMachine: Commercial Gummy Manufacturing Equipment and Machinery

Elevate Your Gummy Production with TGMachine

At TGMachine, we’re not just a choice; we’re the ultimate choice for gummy-making machines. Here’s why:
  1. Global Reach: Trusted in over 80 countries, with a strong presence in the US and Europe.
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology: Our proprietary “Plug and Play” design ensures unmatched production efficiency.
  3. Pharmaceutical Grade: Our commercial gummy machines set the standard, surpassing typical food machine quality.
  4. Innovation: Our investment in R&D drives groundbreaking advancements, empowering you to lead the industry.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Gummy Production?

Elevate your gummy business with TGMachine’s cutting-edge gummy machines. Join the ranks of industry leaders and unleash unparalleled quality gummy and production efficiency. 

Contact us now for a quote for the gummy production equipment that matches your needs and accelerates your success.


To purchase TGMachine’s gummy bear manufacturing equipment, simply contact us today to request a quote. Share your production specifications, and our experts will guide you in selecting the ideal machine for your needs. We ensure a seamless and tailored solution for your candy production endeavors.

Our Gummy Jumbo is our gummy manufacturing machine line that can produce the highest amount of gummies per hour. The GD600Q boasts a production rate of 240,000 gummies per hour. The GD2000Q can produce up to 1000,000 gummies per hour.

If you’re looking for smaller productions, we encourage you to explore our Gummy Star and Pilot Star Production Lines.

TGMachine’s candy manufacturing machines provide a high level of automation, featuring advanced functionalities like automatic weighing and feeding devices. This ensures precision and efficiency in the production process. Additionally, it allows for streamlined candy manufacturing with minimal manual intervention.