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Gummy Production Line

GD150Q Automatic Gummy Production System is a space-saving compact equipment, which requires only L(16m) * W (3m) to install. It can produce up to 42,000* Gummies Per Hour, including the whole process of cooking, depositing and cooling,It is perfect for small to medium production runs.
GD150Q - Commercial Gummy Machine - TGMachine


Candy weight
Depositing Speed
Working Condition
Temperature 20-25℃ Humidity55%
Electric power needed
About 120KW
Compressed air requirement
Total length
Weight of Machine

Cooking System

The gummy candy cooking system utilizes advanced technology and processes to precisely control the cooking process of the syrup, ensuring high-quality gummy candy products. It can be customized to accommodate the customer’s specific process requirements, including functions such as weighing, feeding, active ingredient handling, and online temperature and syrup concentration monitoring. The system is equipped with an advanced automation control system that continuously monitors and adjusts key parameters during the cooking process, ensuring the stability and consistency of the syrup. The system features a user-friendly interface with visual displays for easy operation and monitoring.

Depositing & Cooling Unit

The depositing machine is equipped with a precise servo depositing system that can control the syrup injection quantity and speed, ensuring accurate filling for each mold and guaranteeing product consistency and quality. The cooling tunnel employs advanced air cooling technology to rapidly reduce the temperature of the gummy candy products, accelerating their solidification process. It is equipped with an automated control system that can monitor and adjust the temperature and speed during the cooling process, ensuring stable and consistent cooling results.

Mold with QuickRelease Tool

Molds can be metal with a non-stick coating or silicone rubber with either mechanical or air ejection. They are arranged in sections that can be easily removed for changing products, cleaning coating.

Mold shape: Gummy bear, Bullet and cube shaped
Gummy weight: Ranging from 1g to 15g
Mold material: Teflon coated mould