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Gummy Production Line

GD40Q Automatic Gummy Production System is a space-saving compact equipment that requires only L(10m) * W (2m) to install. It is able to produce up to 15,000* Gummies per hour, which includes the entire process of cooking, depositing and cooling. It is ideal for small to medium production runs.
GD40Q - Commercial Gummy Making Machine - TGMachine


Candy weight
About 40kg/h
Depositing Speed
Working Condition
Temperature 20-25℃ Humidity55%
Electric power needed
About 60KW
Compressed air requirement
Total length
Weight of Machine

Cooking System

This is an automatic system for dissolving and mixing ingredients. After the sugar, glucose and any other raw materials needed are mixed into syrup in the vessel, it is transferred to the holding tank for continuous production. The entire process of cooking is controlled by a control cabinet which is separate for convenient working.

Depositing & Cooling Unit

The depositor consists of a depositing head, mould circuit and cooling tunnel. The cooked syrup is held in a heated hopper fitted with many individual ‘pump cylinders’ – one for each deposit. Candy is drawn into the body of the pump cylinder by the upward motion of a piston and then on the downward stroke is pushed through a ball valve. The mould circuit moves continuously and the entire depositing head moves back and forth to track its movement. All the movements in the head are servo – driven for accuracy and linked mechanically for consistency. A two-pass cooling tunnel is located after the depositor with ejection under the depositor head. For hard candy, a series of fans draws ambient air from the factory and circulates it through the tunnel. Jellies usually need a little refrigerated cooling. In both cases, when the candies come out of the cooling tunnel they are at their final stage of solidity.

Gummy Mold

Moulds may be either metal with a non-stick coating or silicone rubber with either mechanical or air ejection. They are arranged in sections that may be easily removed easily to change products, cleaning and coating.