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Gummy Production Line

GD300Q Automatic Gummy Production System is a space-saving compact equipment, which requires only L(14m) * W (2m) to install. It can produce up to 85,000 * Gummies Per Hour, including the whole process of cooking, depositing and cooling,It is perfect for small to medium production runs.
GD300Q - Gummy Production Equipment - TGMachine


Candy weight
Depositing Speed
Working Condition
Temperature 20-25℃ Humidity55%
Electric power needed
Compressed air requirement
Total length
Weight of Machine

Cooking System

Whole process of cooking is controlled by a separate control cabinet for convenient working. It is an ingredient dissolving, mixing, and cooking system for the syrup of confectionery and solution. The sugar, glucose, and other raw materials are mixed installation. Once the total ingredients are fed into the kettle, after the cooking, the syrup will be transferred to the storage tank for other solutions. The storage tank is designed as a holding vessel for hot or cold liquids for keeping the temperature of the syrup. Equipped stainless steel stirrer, self-draining base, stainless steel frame. Jacketed for heating, Insulated sides. The cooking system is all integrated into the frame, equipped with a separate electric box, and the customer avoids the trouble of installing the machine again after receiving it

Depositing & Cooling Unit

The depositing and cooling unit comprises a depositing head, mold circuit, and cooling tunnel. All the movements of the depositor are servo-driven for accuracy and linked mechanically for consistency. The syrup will be pumping to the hopper, and deposited to mold cavities. The molds are installed on the chain, which will follow the chain to run cycling in the cooling tunnel, and then candies will be taken out when through the de-molding device and fall onto the PU belt and be transported out of the cooling tunnel for other solutions, such as drying, oil coating or sugar sanding.

Mold with Quick Release Tool​

Molds can be metal with a non-stick coating or silicone rubber with either mechanical or air ejection. They are arranged in sections that can be easily removed for changing products, cleaning coating.

Mold shape: Gummy bear, Bullet and cube shaped
Gummy weight: Ranging from 1g to 15g
Mold material: Teflon coated mould