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Semi-Automatic Gummy Machine

Welcome to TG Machine, a trailblazing automatic gummy machine manufacturer! Our expertise lies in cutting-edge candy-making machines customized for the confectionery sector, serving the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs in the gummy and confectionery realm.

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Semi-Auto Gummy Machine - TGMachine

Semi-Automated Gummy Machine

Semi-automatic gummy machines can make different kinds of gummies, such as single-color, double-color, and center-filling gummies. Automated gummy machines have a total capacity of 6,000-10,000 gummies per hour. It can reduce labor costs, save space, and enable flexible production quantities. It has easy cleaning and changeover design that allows your product to focus on quality and control.

Operated by PLC, our system ensures precise filling forms, offering high accuracy, simple operation, and low failure for quality control.


Automatic gummy machines have the following specifications:

Candy weight
Depositing Speed
Electric power needed
Total length
Weight of Machine

Cooking System

This is a title cooker for dissolving and mixing ingredients. After the sugar, glucose, and any other raw materials needed are mixed into syrup, and then title the cooker and make the syrup come out.

Depositing & Cooling Unit

A depositor comprises a depositing head, mold circuit, and cooling tunnel. The cooked syrup is held in a heated hopper fitted with many individual ‘pump cylinders’ – one for each deposit.

The upward piston motion draws candy into the pump cylinder and pushes through a ball valve on the downward stroke. The mold circuit moves continuously, and the whole depositing head reciprocates back and forth to track its movement.

All the movements in the head are servo–driven for accuracy and linked mechanically for consistency. A two-pass cooling tunnel is located after the depositor with ejection under the depositor’s head.

For hard candy, ambient air is drawn from the factory and circulated through the tunnel by a series of fans. Jellies normally require some refrigerated cooling. In both cases, when the candies emerge from the cooling tunnel, they are at final solids.

Mold with QuickRelease Tool

Molds can be metal with a non-stick coating or silicone rubber with either mechanical or air ejection. They are arranged in sections that can be easily removed for changing products and cleaning coating.

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TGMachine’s manufacturing machines are constructed with durable stainless steel to ensure strength, longevity, and compliance with food sanitation standards. Our commitment to quality materials guarantees reliability and hygiene in candy production.

TGMachine’s candy manufacturing machines provide a high level of automation, featuring advanced functionalities like automatic weighing and feeding devices. This ensures precision and efficiency in the production process. Additionally, it allows for streamlined candy manufacturing with minimal manual intervention.

To purchase TGMachine’s hard candy equipment, simply contact us today to request a quote. Share your production specifications, and our experts will guide you in selecting the ideal machine for your needs. We ensure a seamless and tailored solution for your candy production endeavors.