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Our pharmaceutical-grade machinery surpasses the standard candy-making machine, ensuring the highest quality production.
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TGMachine: Commercial Gummy Manufacturing Equipment and Machinery
About TGMachine

One-Stop Food Machinery Solutions

We are the go-to manufacturer for functional and medicated confectionery equipment. Candy and pharmaceutical companies alike trust our innovative recipes and advanced technology. 

With over 1256 machines created, TGMachine is your choice for gummy and vitamin manufacturing machinery. Join us on a journey of innovation and success. Explore now!

Global Reach

We have customers in over 80 countries, mainly in the US and Europe.

Cutting Edge Technology

We invented the "Plug and Play" design for more efficient production.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Our machinery exceeds the norm for candy-making machines, guaranteeing top-notch production for your products.


Our commitment to continuously invest in R&D is the driving force behind our groundbreaking advancements.

Our Confectionery Equipment

Production Lines

Explore our extensive equipment selection, featuring gummy machines, popping boba machines, hard candy-making machines, marshmallow machines, candy-coating machines, and more. Elevate your confectionery production with the best in the industry.

Gummy Candy

Production Line

Hard Candy & Lollipop

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Marshmallow Candy

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Popping Boba/ Konjac Ball

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Other Confection

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Our Services

Providing the Best Industry Services

Complete Factory Design

Crafting custom gummy manufacturing machinery tailored exclusively to your needs.

Upgrade & Modify

Enhancing and customizing machinery to meet your gummy or supplement manufacturing demands.


Comprehensive training programs to empower your team for confectionery success.

Installation & Commissioning

Seamless installation and precise commissioning for a flawless production start.

Product Warranty

Reliable product warranties for peace of mind in every confectionery venture.

Accessory Supply

Essential accessories to complement your machinery for optimal performance.

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Customer Reviews​

Check Out What Our Customers Say

Discover why our satisfied customers rave about us. Read our customer reviews and join the ranks of delighted gummy and vitamin manufacturing industry leaders.

Love this product so much!

This is Mike from Pecan Deluxe company. We’d like to thank TGMachine for offering us the 16 amazing boba lines, which produced perfect bobas that we wanted. The after-sales service was fantastic! TGMachine guys helped us all the time!


United States

Highly recommend machine!

I’m Maianh from Robinsonpharma company. We’ve bought 6 gummy lines from TGMachine. Their pharmaceutical machine standard really impressed us a lot! The most exciting part is their innovation concept for “plug and play” machine design.


United States

Definitely worth it!

This is Salem from Global Widget company. We’ve cooperated with TGMachine many years and we have total 23 gummy lines running in our factory now. We are satsfied with their machines’ quality. What their gummy line appealed us most was the easy operation design.


United States

Good morning Lucy, I wanted to send a quick note to express our satisfaction with the machine we purchased from your company. It has proven to be highly reliable and has consistently delivered exceptional results. We appreciate your dedication to providing cutting-edge technology.

Customer Review

Dear Chris, I wanted to take a moment to convey my satisfaction with the gummy candy machine we received from TGMACHINE. It has proven to be a valuable asset to our business, delivering outstanding performance and reliability. We appreciate your commitment to excellence.

Customer Review

Hi Amanda, I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction with the machine we recently purchased from your company. It has been running smoothly and has significantly improved our productivity. Thank you for providing an exceptional product. Wish TGMachine become bigger and better.

Customer Review

Hello Alisa, I am thrilled to inform you that the machine we acquired from your company has been working flawlessly. Its efficiency and performance have greatly benefited our operations. Thank you for delivering a top-notch machine.

Customer Review

I wanted to share our positive experience with the jelly gummy machine we obtained from your company, tgmachine. Its performance has been outstanding surpassing our expectations in terms of speed and accuracy. We are thoroughly impressed with its functionality and appreciate the value it has added to our business.


Hi Steven, the machine has exceeded our expectations. It’s efficient, user-friendly, and has made a significant impact on our operations.

Customer Review

Highly satisfied with the machine’s performance. It has been reliable and efficient, enhancing our operations.

Customer Review

Our Customers

Real Customers. Extraordinary Outcomes.

Presence and Experience

A Legacy of Expertise and
Presence in Multiple Locations

US Service Locations
European Service Location
Complete Solution Customers

Meeting High Standards of Performance

We have obtained more than 15 certificates that meet different countries’ regulations and standards, including the ISO9001.


At TGMachine, our machines include a wide range of candy manufacturing equipment for producing an array of confectionery delights of all colors and flavors. We offer gummy machines, popping boba machines, hard candy-making machines, marshmallow machines, candy-coating machines, and more.

Yes, we sell all kinds of auxiliary equipment for your machines. This includes everything from molds to trays and packaging to maximize your production process.

Investing in TGMachine’s gummy and supplement manufacturing machines ensures efficient, consistent, and high-volume production capacity. Our stainless steel equipment streamlines the manufacturing process, offering precision and customization, maximizing your candy production capabilities and market competitiveness. Additionally, our equipment ensures you can produce gummies that meet the highest standards of quality control.