When it comes to gummy making, having the right equipment is crucial for success. Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual looking to make your gummies, you’ll need some key items.

This guide will discuss all the necessary equipment needed for small-scale gummy making and why each is important. We will empower you to choose the perfect tools to propel your gummy ambitions.

Importance of Choosing the Proper Gummy Equipment

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Gummies are more than just sugared shapes. They’re carefully crafted confections, typically composed of gelatin, pectin, or starch combined with sugars, flavorings, and colorings. From playful, animal-shaped treats to vitamin-infused functional gummies, the diversity of these sweets demands a precise production process.

The right equipment ensures optimal ingredient mixing, depositing, molding, and drying, resulting in consistent texture, vibrant color, and quality gummies. Skimp on quality, and you risk misshapen, inconsistent, or even inedible results—not exactly the recipe for success.

Investing in quality gummy candy-making machines is not merely operational; it safeguards the integrity of your products. Whether you’re creating playful designs or supplements, having the right equipment is crucial for a proper gummy manufacturing process.

Small-Scale Gummy-Making Equipment You Need

At TGMachine, we understand small-scale gummy producers’ unique challenges and ambitions. That’s why we’ve built our Gummy Star and Pilot Star production lines. We are your ideal partner for medium and small-volume production.

Gummy Star

This production line includes three powerful commercial gummy-making machines:



  • This innovative machine requires only a compact area of L (13 m) and W (2 m) for installation. It’s ideal for limited spaces.
  • It can efficiently produce up to 36,000 gummies per hour, ensuring high productivity and satisfying demand.
  • Whether you have small or medium production runs, this versatile machine is designed to meet your specific needs.



  • This gummy production machine requires only an area of L (16 m) and W (3m), making it compact and space-efficient.
  • With its impressive capability, this machine can produce up to 42,000 gummies per hour, ensuring high productivity and efficiency.
  • Designed for small to medium production runs, it is ideal for businesses looking to meet demand while maintaining quality standards.



  • It requires only L (14m) and W (2m) to install, making it ideal even for limited areas.
  • Its impressive production capacity can produce up to 85,000 high-quality gummies per hour, ensuring a steady supply to meet high demands.
  • This versatile machine is designed specifically for small to medium production runs. It offers flexibility to cater to various manufacturing needs.

Pilot Star

Our entry-level stainless-steel line for small-scale production includes:



  • This innovative machine requires only a compact space of L (10m) and W (2m) to install, making it ideal for small to medium-sized production facilities with limited space.
  • This machine can produce up to an astounding 15,000 gummies per hour. It ensures high productivity and meets the demands of even the busiest operations.
  • This versatile machine is designed for small to medium production runs and offers flexibility and efficiency. It allows you to meet your production goals while maintaining consistent quality and precision.

Baby Depositor

baby depositor

  • This versatile machine can produce various gummies, allowing you to explore different flavors and shapes.
  • With its compact size, user-friendly PLC control system, and straightforward operation, even beginners can easily operate this equipment.
  • It produces between 2,000 and 5,000 gummies per hour, ensuring a steady supply for your production needs.
  • Whether you’re running small-capacity production operations or engaged in lab development work, this gummy manufacturing equipment is perfect.  

Semi-Auto Gummy Machine

semi auto gummy machine

  • Our innovative system enables the production of various gummies, ranging from fruity flavors to unique shapes and sizes.
  • Our solution reduces labor costs and saves space by automating the gummy-making process. It also allows for greater flexibility in production quantities, making it easier to meet market demands.
  • With an impressive production capacity, our system can produce between 6,000 and 10,000 delicious gummies per hour. It ensures a steady supply to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Additional Items Needed

While crafting the perfect gummy shape is central to the process, the journey to a successful business extends far beyond the initial molding. Dehydration, coating, and packaging—these crucial steps require specialized equipment to ensure your manufactured gummies reach their full potential.

At TGMachine,  a complete setup is as vital as the core machinery. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of auxiliary equipment to streamline your entire workflow, including:

  1. Gummy Molds: Whether you envision playful shapes, classic fruit forms, or innovative designs, our diverse mold selection fuels your creative freedom.
  2. Sugar and Oil-Coating: Add a delightful crunch or a glossy touch with our sugar-coating and oil-coating options.
  3. Trays and Dollies: Whether you’re scaling up production or managing smaller runs, our selection of drying trays adapts to your needs.
  4. Packaging: Ensure professional presentation and optimal shelf life with our reliable packaging equipment solutions.

Say goodbye to searching for equipment piecemeal. At TGMachine, we provide everything you need from a single trusted source.

tgmachine gummy packaging machine

TG Machine Has You Covered

Entering the gummy market requires careful planning and quality tools. At TGMachine, we understand this. We’re not just equipment vendors but your partners in gummy-making success. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer support sets us apart.

With the Gummy Star and Pilot Star gummy production lines, we help you launch and grow your small-scale gummy business. Whether you’re crafting playful animal shapes or functional nutraceutical treats, TGMachine can help you turn your vision into a reality.

TGMachine’s commitment to confectionery excellence also extends beyond producing gummies. Our machines will also aid you in gummy vitamin manufacturing processes and more.

We offer a range of machinery to cater to your evolving tastes and ambitions, including hard candy and popping boba. Ready to take the plunge into the world of gummy-making? Contact TGMachine today for a personalized quote, and let’s discuss how we can help you bring your gummy dreams to life.

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