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Introducing TGMachine’s cutting-edge popping boba manufacturing machinery! Elevate your production to the next level. Join our satisfied clients – contact us now for a quote and step into the world of irresistible treats!

Popping Boba-Making Machines

Due to its deliciousness and fun, popping boba is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. Many food manufacturers prefer to produce tapioca pearls locally because it saves time and costs. At TGMachine, you can find the right equipment to produce popping boba.

Our SMP200 popping boba production line is a fully automatic machine that features simple operation. Moreover, it integrates all the popping boba-making processes. It produces round-shaped and brightly-colored boba and tapioca pearls, suitable for cold and hot drinks. Boba can be enjoyed in bubble tea, ice cream, yogurt, etc., or used as cake decoration and fruit salad.

The production process of popping boba balls involves three types of liquids: 

  1. The fruity juice encapsulated inside the boba.
  2. The sodium alginate-based coagulation liquid that forms the outer layer.
  3. The protective liquid used for preserving the boba’s freshness.

Explore our popping boba machines today and find the best product to streamline operations, boost production, and save costs.

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TG Machine, Your Top Choice for Popping Boba Excellence

Explore the reasons behind our industry leadership:

  1. Global Reach: Our clientele spans 80+ countries, with a strong presence in the US and Europe.
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology: We are pioneers of the “Plug and Play” design for unparalleled efficiency.
  3. Pharmaceutical-Grade Quality: Our machinery surpasses industry food standards, ensuring exceptional production quality.
  4. Commitment to Innovation: Our unwavering dedication to research and development drives our groundbreaking advancements.
  5. Exclusive Production: TGMachine’s boba manufacturing line is patent-protected, meaning we’re the sole manufacturer of this type of machine in China.

Elevate your popping boba production standards – choose TG Machine! 

Transform Your Popping Boba Production Today!

Experience excellence with our cutting-edge popping boba-making machinery. Elevate your output, meet global standards, and boost efficiency. Contact us now for a quote, and let us revolutionize your business!


To acquire TGMachine’s Popping Boba/Konjac Ball machines, simply contact us for a personalized quote. Share your specific production requirements, and our team will assist in recommending the optimal machine. We will ensure your purchase aligns perfectly with your efficient and high-quality popping boba production needs.

Our Konjac Ball Making Machine can achieve the highest production rates of konjac balls. With a capacity to produce between 200 and 1200 kgs per hour, it can boost your konjac ball business.

The Medium and Large Popping Boba machines can produce from 50 to 500 kgs of popping boba per hour.

TGMachine’s manufacturing machines are constructed with durable stainless steel to ensure strength, longevity, and compliance with food sanitation standards. Our commitment to quality materials guarantees reliability and hygiene in candy production.