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About TG Machine

TG Machine is an industry-leading manufacturer of machinery for functional and medicated gummies. By combining innovative candy recipes with advanced technologies, TG Machine has become the most reliable partner not only for candy companies worldwide, but also for pharmaceutical companies focusing on gummies with functional ingredients such as vitamins, THC and CBD.

As the oldest brand in China with 40 years of expertise in the candy manufacturing industry, we have more than 160 employees in a factory of more than 20,000 m2 which integrates R&D, production, and sales between 4 workshops. We continue to explore user-friendly smart machines to remove a lot of the installation work, and we have succeeded in designing a pharmaceutical standard modular system for easy application, known as “plug and play”. This design enables the customer to run the whole line by simply connecting a cable. What’s more, to further automate the production line, our auto-weighing and auto-feed system for ingredients were designed to reduce the required physical labour.

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To ensure our machines’ performance is precise, TG Machine adopts all-advanced machining equipment, such as CNC, laser cutting, argon arc welding and wire cutting. This cutting-edge processing equipment ensures every mechanical part of the machine operates with high accuracy, so that each gummy can be made with the same weight by accurate dosing system.
With 40 patents of machine innovation, TG Machine stays ahead in the gummy machine industry. Customers’ needs drive us to stay creative and produce the top-quality machines. Contact with us to make the finest-tasting gummies beyond your wildest dreams!
Be your reliable partners for making gummies Machine trials involve gummy testing to evaluate factors such as flavor, texture, and accurate dosing for active ingredients. This information can then be used to refine the machine process and improve machine quality.
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