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Automatic hard candy and lollipop candy depositing line

GD150-S Automatic Hard Candy Depositing Production Line is currently the most advanced hard candy production equipment in China, which can produce 144,000 candies per hour. It is composed of automatic weighing system, pressing dissolving system, Vacuum Micro-film cooker unit, depositing unit and cooling system.
Automatic Hard Candy Maker Machine - Lollipop Candy Depositing - TGMachine


Production capacity
Rated depositing times
Electric power needed
Compressed air consumption
Compressed air pressure
0.4-0.6 Mpa
Total length
Weight of Machine

Cooking System

This is an automatic system for dissolving and mixing ingredients. Sugar, glucose syrup, and other materials are mixed and boiled in the cooker,and then transported to the storage tank by the gear pump to achieve the purpose of continuous production. The whole operation process is controlled by an independent electric cabinet, which is convenient to operate.

Vacuum Micro-Film Cooker Unit

Using international famous brand PLC, touch screen HMI provides full process visualization with more stable performance, and the programming automatically controls the temperature of vacuum boiling sugar. Combined with precise control, this continuous process ensures that both quality and consistency are rigorously maintained.
Improved water and energy efficiency. The continuous process produces very little waste and is efficient in its use of energy and water. Vapor drawn during cooking is condensed in a heat exchanged, so no cooling water is send to waste.

Advanced Protective Device Stick Unit

For the ball lollipop, the sticks are automatically inserted accurately and consistently into the molds after depositor. Full control is retained by the insertion system. Which holds the sticks perpendicular during the cooling process until the candy has set.
For flat lollipops, stick are first fed into the molds by an automatic insertion system. Placement mechanisms then ensure the stick is accurately positioned and firmly held within the molds before the cooked syrup is deposited by the servo-driven depositor head.

Depositing & Cooling Unit

The depositing machine is composed of a depositing head, mold circuit, and cooling channel. The boiled syrup is loaded in a heated hopper and the candies are sucked into the copper sleeve by the upward movement of the piston and pushed out on the downward stroke. The molded circuit moves continuously, and the entire pouring head reciprocates back and forth to track its motion. All movements of the head are servo-driven for accuracy and mechanically linked for consistency. The cooling channel is located after the pouring machine, spraying under the depositing head. For hard candies, ambient air is drawn from the factory and circulated through a tunnel through a series of fans. The precise process ensures fast deposition speed and no noise. The temperature detector adopts an aviation plug, which is easy to disassemble and safer.
The cooling system adopts a completely hygienic design structure so that the tunnel can be cleaned with washing water. Blue PU conveyor belt instead of white PVC, reasonable cooling airflow for efficient cooling.

Long Teflon Molds

The mold can be designed according to customer needs, and the surface is coated with anti-corrosion Teflon,easily removed easily to change products, cleaning and coating. which is more in line with food safety standards.