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Marshmallow Extruding and depositing prodution line

The automatic marshmallow production line consists of key components for streamlined manufacturing. It includes a raw materials cooking system, an aerated system with a color dosing unit, a central filling function, a forming system, and an automatic drying line. These elements work together to facilitate efficient cooking, precise aeration with color control, centralized filling, proper shaping, and automated drying of marshmallows. This integrated setup ensures productivity, quality, and consistency in marshmallow production.


Production capacity
150~250 kg/h
Filling percentage
Cutting length of the product
Electric power needed
Compressed air consumption
Compressed air pressure
Total length
Weight of Machine

Raw Materials Cooking System

This system is responsible for cooking and preparing the raw ingredients needed for marshmallow production. It ensures that the ingredients, such as sugar, water, corn syrup, and gelatin, are properly heated and mixed to create the marshmallow mixture.

Aerated System with color dosing unit

The aerated system plays a vital role in introducing air into the marshmallow mixture. Incorporating air, it helps create the characteristic light and fluffy texture that marshmallows are known for.

Central Filling Function

This function allows for the incorporation of fillings, flavors, or other ingredients into the marshmallow mixture. It enables the production of a wide range of flavored or filled marshmallow products.
Central Filling Function

Forming System

The forming system shapes the marshmallow mixture into desired shapes, such as cubes, cylinders, or customized designs. It utilizes various equipment, such as molds or extruders, to achieve consistent and uniform marshmallow shapes. The process starts by depositing a thick anti-sticking layer of starch or dextrose on the conveyor belt. The marshmallow is extruded on top of a thick layer of starch. At the end of the line, a top layer of starch is applied to fully cover the ropes of marshmallows, after which the products are cut using a guillotine. The frequency of cutting determines the length of the final product. After cutting, the product falls into a vibratory sieve where the product and starch are separated. The starch is automatically returned to the starch-depositing sprinklers.

Starch depositor

It consists of a hopper, a rotating drum, and a powder sprinkling device, used for evenly sprinkling starch powder onto the conveyor belt to prevent marshmallow rope from sticking together.

Marshmallow paste rope extruding unit

The precision-processed extrusion head ensures the consistency of the diameter of the rope, guaranteeing product quality. Additionally, changing to different extrusion heads can produce various shapes of cotton candy, providing the company with more production options and possibilities.

Starch placing covering unit

This device is used to apply another layer of starch onto the surface of the marshmallow candy rope to ensure that each marshmallow candy is evenly covered with starch and to prevent them from sticking together during the next cutting step.
Starch conveyor

Servo-driven guillotine unit

This device is used to cut marshmallows into sections, and the cutting length can be adjusted as needed. It adopts servo control technology, which can significantly improve cutting accuracy and ensure the consistent weight of each product.

Starch filtering system starch recycling system (elevator and conveyor)

Cut-up marshmallows and starch are transported here together, where there is a vibrating screen that separates the marshmallows and starch.

Starch recycling system (elevator and conveyor)

The separated starch will be recycled through a device to improve the utilization rate and production efficiency.

De-starch drum

Perform a secondary separation of the marshmallow to ensure that too much starch does not stick to the surface of the marshmallow.
De-starch drum

Extra depositing unit

On our marshmallow production line, a marshmallow depositing device can also be equipped to produce diverse marshmallow types. Depending on customer demand, sandwich types of marshmallows can also be produced.

Marshmallow drying machine

After forming, the marshmallows need to go through a drying process to remove excess moisture and achieve the desired texture. An automatic drying line typically involves conveyor belts or specialized drying chambers that facilitate efficient drying while maintaining product quality.
Marshmallow drying machine