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Baby Depositor

Gummy Production Line

The baby depositor can make different kind of gummies. Small size ,PLC control ,simple operation, suitable for either small capacity production operations or Lab development work.Output:2,000-5,000 gummies/hr.It is control by PLC, the filling form is not affected by the syrup state, with high accuracy, simple operation and low failure rate, that will allow your product to focus on quality and control.


Candy weight
Depositing Speed
Electric power needed
Total length
Weight of Machine

Cooking System

This is a title cooker for dissolving and mixing ingredients. After the sugar, glucose, and any other raw materials needed are mixed into syrup, then title the cooker and make the syrup come out.

The Baby Depositor

The depositor with servo drive cleated conveying to automatically index silicone sheet molds under depositing nozzles. Operator feeds molds onto conveyor from front, cleated conveyor will present them to nozzles for filling and to rear off belt and onto holding plate until removed by operator. Rated at up to 25 deposits per minute or 10,000 deposits per hour. Programmable for up to three (3) deposits per mold pocket. All FDA approved product contact parts. Ten (10) depositing nozzles for fill volumes from 0~4.5ml with precision servo drive pump capable of +/- 2% weight variation. HMI control system with 20 different product setting memory banks. 7 Liter hopper with variable heating controls: 30~150°C. Voltage: 230V/1ph, Machine Weight: 60kg, Machine Dimensions: 590 x 400 x 450mm (L x W x H). Round tube sanitary frame.Portable with locking casters.

Mold with QuickRelease Tool

Place reinforced silicone mold onto platform, press pneumatic discharge buttons (requires both hands for operator safety) and gummies eject onto tray below.