Automatic chewy candy /Toffee candy productin line

Automatic chewy candy /Toffee candy Production Line This production line is mainly composed of toffee cooking equipment, Karamir cooking equipment, cooling platform, whitening machine, fruit pulp transfer pump, candy extruder, homogenizer, chain forming machine, shaking head dispenser, cooling Conveyor, freezer, etc. It can produce filled soft toffee, filled toffee (Yikelian), caramel and other sweets. Specifications

Chewy gum machine

Chewy gum machine The full set of equipment of the BG series spherical bubble gum production line consists of a mixer, an extruder, a conveyor belt, a shaped bubble gum forming machine, a cooling cabinet, and a sugar coating machine. The production technology of this equipment is proficient and the product quality is reliable. The products produced by this production line are exquisite and pleasing in appearance, diverse flavors, distinct tastes, crisp sugar coating, soft gelatin, sweet jams, fun and delicious. They have been popular at home and abroad for decades, and are loved by teenagers and children. Recall the fond childhood memories of adults. Specifications

Multiple candy bar production line

Multiple candy bar Production Line The processing line is a compact unit which can continuously produce various kinds of Nutrition Bars/Cereal Bars under a strict sanitary condition. It is also an ideal equipment which can produce out good quality products with the saving of both the manpower and the space occupied.