GD600Q Gummy Production Line GD600Q Automatic Gummy Production System is a big output equipment, Equipped with automatic weighing and automatic feeding devices, which effectively improves the working efficiency of the equipment and reduces the labor cost while ensuring large output, It can produce up to 240,000*gummies per hour, including the whole process of cooking, depositing and cooling, It is perfect for big production runs. Specifications Pectin Gel Mixing System It is an automatic ingredient weighing and mixing system for the pectin slurry pre-cooking of confectionery solution. The pectin powder, water, and sugar powder are mixing installation. While saving labor, it also perfectly solves the difference in the quality of batches of candies caused by artificial ingredients. A single stainless steel weigh tank mounted on three load cells sized for a 180kg maximum batch weight. After the weighing is over, all the materials will enter the jacketed cooker with high-speed shear to fully dissolve the pectin powder and powdered sugar. Once the total ingredients are fed into the vessel, after the mixing, the syrup then will be transferred to the holding tank for other solutions. The storage tank is designed as a holding vessel for hot or cold liquids and slurries. Stainless steel stirrer, Self-draining base, Stainless steel framework can be washed directly with water, Jacketed for heating, Insulated sides. All pipes are equipped with tubular filters, which can filter impurities in the liquid to ensure that the syrup is clean and hygienic and meets health and safety standards. up to ten pre-set recipes stored on the PLC control system. Syrup and Gel Weighing and Mixing System The process starts with weighing and mixing the main ingredients with water, sugar powder, glucose, and dissolved gel. The ingredients are fed sequentially into a gravimetric weighing and mixing tank and the quantity of each subsequent ingredient is adjusted according to the actual weight of the preceding ones. In this way an accuracy of 0.1% is achieved, to ensure quality and consistency are maintained. It is possible to add active ingredients at this stage provided that they are heat stable but in practice, there is very little reason to do so. Each batch of ingredients is mixed into a slurry and then fed to a reservoir tank which provides a continuous feed to the cooker. The weighing and mixing cycle is fully automatic and complete records of every batch are available from the control system, either directly or over a factory network. Advanced raising film continuous cooker Cooking is a two-stage process that involves dissolving the granulated sugar or isomalt and evaporating the resultant syrup to achieve the required final solids. The cooking can be completed in the cooker which it’s a shell and tube design with scrapers. This is a simple venturi-style device that subjects the cooked syrup to a sudden drop in pressure, causing the excess moisture to flash off. The partially cooked syrup enters the Microfilm cooker. This is a raising film cooker that comprises a steam-heated tube down the inside of which the syrup passes. The surface of the cooker tube is scraped by a series of blades to form a very thin film of syrup that cooks in a matter of seconds as it passes down the tube into a collecting chamber. The cooking temperature is reduced by holding the cooker under a vacuum. Rapid cooking at the lowest possible temperature is vitally important to avoid heat degradation and process inversion that would reduce clarity and lead to shelf life problems such as stickiness and cold flow. CFA and Active Ingredients Mixing System Colors, flavors, and acid (CFA) are added to the syrup directly after the cooker and it is at this point that the active ingredients would normally be added using a similar system. The basic CFA addition system comprises a holding tank and a peristaltic pump. Mixing, heating and recirculation options may be added to the holding tank to keep the additions in optimum condition while a flowmeter control loop may be added to the pump for ultimate accuracy. Add all ingredients by weighing system, with 2 tanks equipped with sensor, make 2 colors possible, the weighing system make the quantity of the ingredients more accurate, the mixing results won’t be affected by voltage variation or flow variation or different recipes, the 2 tanks can do 2 color or center filled, the mixing time is 3-5min with the volume of 40-50L. Depositing and Cooling Unit A depositor comprises a depositing head, mold circuit, and cooling tunnel. The cooked syrup is held in a heated hopper fitted with a large number of individual ‘pump cylinders’ – one for each deposit. Candy is drawn into the body of the pump cylinder by the upward motion of a piston and then pushed through a ball valve on the downward stroke. The moulded circuit is moving continuously and the whole depositing head reciprocates back and forth to track its movement. All the movements in the head are servo-driven for accuracy and linked mechanically for consistency. A two-pass cooling tunnel is located after the depositor with ejection under the depositor’s head. For had candy, ambient air is drawn from the factory and circulated through the tunnel by a series of fans. Jellies normally require some refrigerated cooling. In both cases, when the candies emerge from the cooling tunnel they are at final solids Molds with Quick-release Tool Molds can be metal with a non-stick coating or silicone rubber with either mechanical or air ejection. They are arranged in sections that can be easily removed for changing products, and cleaning coating. Mold shape: Can be customized Gummy weight: Ranging from 1g to 15g Mold material: Teflon coated mold


GD2000Q Gummy Production Line GD2000Q is an advanced type gummy production line specially developed by TG for the production of high quality and high yield gummies, which can ensure large yield and effectively improve sanitary conditions ( traditional starch mold machine poor sanitary conditions). The GD2000Q Automatic Gummy Production System is a stand-alone system with speeds up to 1000,000 Gummies per hour, it is perfect for CBD/THC/Vitamin gummies . Specifications