Gummy Mold

Gummy Mold Gummy Production Line Moulds may be either metal with a non-stick coating or silicone rubber with either mechanical or air ejection. They are arranged in sections that may be easily removed easily to change products, cleaning and coating.

Sugar Sanding Drum

Sugar Sanding Drum Designed to coat all gummies based confectionery with an ‘all round and even’ coating of sugar granules. This creates a sweeter taste and frosting strach ect to enhance the attractiveness of the product. Specifications

Oil Coating Machine

Candy Coating Machine - Oil Coating Machine - TGMachine

Candy Coating Machine Our candy coater machine is designed to coat all gummy-based confectionery with an ‘all round and even’ coating of oil/wax/syrup. This creates a sweeter taste and brightness to enhance the product’s attractiveness. Get a Quote High-Quality Candy Manufacturing Equipment At TGMachine, we specialize in providing top-of-the-line candy-coating equipment for businesses in the […]

Sugar Polishing Pan

Sugar Polishing Pan PG Series Sugar polishing pan, which is mainly used for ball shape, grain shape materials mixing, polishing, coating etc.. in confectionery, pharmaceutical, or other light industry. Such as the chocolate bean, jelly bean, gummy, nuts coating, pills, etc.. Specifications

Automatic Tray Washer

Automatic Tray Washer The Automatic Tray Washer is the automatic solution for tray cleaning. The tray washer uses high pressure pumps to send heated water to multiple spray nozzles that blast away gummy residue as the tray is conveyed on an all stainless chain. After initial rinse and cleaning stations, the tray is conveyed past […]

Gummy Packaging

Gummy Packaging We supply different kinds of package machines including bottle packing and bag packing. We would love to customize it according to your packages.