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Gummy depositor

A gummy depositor is a specialized machine used in the production of gummy candies. It is designed to accurately deposit the gummy mixture into molds or onto a conveyor belt, ensuring consistent shape and portioning of the gummies.
The gummy depositor consists of a hopper or a holding tank that holds the prepared gummy mixture. The mixture is fed into the depositor, which typically utilizes a piston or a rotary system to control the flow and release of the gummy mixture.
The depositor is equipped with multiple nozzles or molds that dispense the gummy mixture in specific shapes, such as bears, worms, or fruits. The machine can be customized to accommodate different mold sizes and shapes, allowing for versatility in the production of gummies.
The depositor’s main function is to deposit the gummy mixture into the molds with precision and consistency, ensuring that each gummy is of the desired size and shape. This automation helps to increase production efficiency and maintain uniformity in the final product.