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Nesco Case

By purchasing TGmachine’s equipment, Nesco has significantly improved its product quality and output, and can now produce at least 1600kg/h in 8 hours per day, making popping boba that are very popular with young people in the local market.
Nevzat from Nesco said: It’s peak season and the product is in high demand, so we plan to buy two more lines with higher output in the fall. Our engineer Wayne came to install and debug the machines in customer’s factory, he solved the problems and the customer start production very soon. As soon as the products were produced, they were supplied to local customers.

The Nesco team is quite satisfied with the product quality, debugging service, and delivery date that TGMachine managed to provide!

Setting up the boba machine was a breeze. It came with clear instructions that made assembly quick and easy. We just had to position each module of the production line, and it was ready to go.

In terms of investment, this boba machine has proven to be a wise choice. The increased production capacity and improved efficiency have translated into higher profitability for our factory. It has quickly become an indispensable asset in our boba production line, ensuring consistent quality, increased output, and overall customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, purchasing a popping boba machine for our beverage factory has been a fantastic decision. It has become an essential asset in our production process, delivering exceptional performance, durability, and versatility.