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Green Star Labs Case

Green Star Labs provides quality private label and co-packing services for clients in the dietary supplement & cosmetics industry. and have bought GD600Q gummy line from TGMachine.
TGMachine sent one technician to help Green Star Labs install and commission the gummy lines as soon as the machines arrived. Green Star Labs managed to run the line successfully with the cooperative and efficient support of the TGMachine team.

Here are the feedback from Jesse, the operating manager from Green Star Labs:

Seamless Integration: The implementation process of the CBD gummy machine into their production line was smooth and efficient. The engineer provided comprehensive training, ensuring our staff understood the machine’s functionality, maintenance, and safety protocols. We were impressed with how quickly our team adapted to the new equipment.

Precision and Efficiency: The CBD gummy machine’s precise dosing capabilities ensured consistent CBD oil distribution in each gummy, eliminating variations in potency. This level of accuracy boosted our product quality and customer satisfaction.

The speed and efficiency of the CBD gummy machine played a significant role in streamlining our production. It could produce a large volume of gummies within a short time-frame, meeting the increasing market demand for our CBD-infused products. This efficiency allowed us to scale the operations and expand the distribution channels.

Versatility and Customization: TGMachine’s CBD gummy machine offered the immense versatility. We could easily adjust the dosage of CBD oil to create gummies with different potencies, catering to various customer preferences. This flexibility gave us a competitive edge and the ability to tailor our products to target specific market segments.

Reliability and Safety: We greatly appreciated the reliability and safety features of our CBD gummy machine. It operated seamlessly without frequent breakdowns or disruptions, ensuring a consistent production flow. The machine’s design prioritized operator safety, with built-in safety measures and emergency stop buttons, providing peace of mind to their workforce.

Meeting Regulatory Standards: As a nutraceutical company entering the CBD market, adhering to regulatory requirements was crucial. TGMachine’s CBD gummy machine enabled us to meet these standards effectively. It facilitated precise control over CBD oil dosage, ensuring compliance with potency regulations. The machine’s sanitary design and easy cleaning process supported our commitment to maintaining a hygienic manufacturing environment.

Customer Satisfaction and Business Growth: By incorporating the CBD gummy machine into our production line, we achieved remarkable success. The consistent quality, precise dosing, and efficient production process contributed to enhanced customer satisfaction. Positive feedback from consumers led to increased brand reputation and customer loyalty, driving business growth for the company.

Conclusion: The partnership between TGMachine and our company, utilizing the CBD gummy machine, proved to be a winning combination. Through the machine’s precision, efficiency, versatility, and reliability, we successfully manufactured high-quality CBD-infused gummies. This venture not only allowed us to enter the thriving CBD market, but also paved the way for sustained business growth and customer satisfaction.