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Global Widget Case

Global Widget hit the ground running by pioneering some of the most successful Hemp-derived cannabis products and most popular brands in the industry. They manufacture over 10 million gummies daily and have been titled Gummy Central™. They bought 23 gummy lines from TGMachine.

Jonathan from Global Widget said: It was a good experience overall, and we will likely utilize the service again!

Jack was very quick with the work and did a good job in handling the communication barrier. He fixed all the problems we had. Jack has clear expertise in electrical work and was able to work with our team efficiently!

The Global Widget team is quite satisfied with the product quality, debugging service, and delivery date that TGMachine managed to provide! As soon as TGMachine team returned from their factory, Global Widget team repeat another order for gummy machine. They are quite happy with the consistent good quality machine and excellent service. They are excitedly looking forward to receiving the new machines that they ordered.
The maintenance engineer Mike said they are very surprised to see each innovation step of TGMachine team. With the 23 gummy lines in their factory, they observed a lot of improvements for each new coming machines. And they are so glad that their feedback for machine operations can always be incorporated in the next machine design. It makes the operation and maintenance easier and easier!