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Biscuit Production Line by Bangladesh Customer

Time: October, 2018
Customer Location: Bengal

This large customer purchased a hard candy production line from TG Machine five years ago. They were so happy with the performance of that line that they came to us again as they were looking to expand into biscuit production.
The customer paid our company a visit and brought with them biscuit samples. They showed us their factory’s floor plan. We provided a quote for the production line and drew up a plan.
  1. An oil spray machine is equipped to automatically spray oil onto baking sheets and biscuits. It is also equipped with a recycling system to effectively capture and reuse oil particles in the air. This keeps the machine clean and prevents oil waste.
  2. The line’s biscuit sorting machine is versatile as it can transfer biscuits or stack several biscuits for packaging. An expandable conveyor belt can be added and removed as necessary.
  3. Our press forming machine is equipped with a high precision roller with special surface treatment to prevent dough from sticking and ensures dough sheets feature uniform width and thickness.
After a month of investigation and comparison, the customer weighed the pros and cons of our biscuit production lines before they finally decided to purchase the 1.5m wide line.